100 Crore Club : My take on this latest trend

A decade ago, I still remember watching frequent posters of Indian movies showing up 100 days or 175 days and the success of a movie was determined by this. My grand dad used to say Haridas ran for years and there were repeat audience. Now the first day of a movie release, there are floating pirated discs, 1 week later higher quality online link, 4th week audience could get the DVD quality prints and by 10th week the movie will be on TV. One of the few banes of technology is this.

The latest trend is the 100 crore club. I am glad that movies are surpassing the budget hurdles and make it really BIG. One dimension to look into this is the real benefit a film financier gets during the first and second week thereby getting less impacted by the video piracy. But the other angle is to see some ‘not so good’ movies making it BIG and enter this club. Whether the movie is good or not, the promos are really good. They draw audience to theaters the first week. The ticket prices are sky high during this time and the number of shows are also considerably high and so product sold. Did I really type PRODUCT? Yes, that’s the sad part. An ART is becoming a PRODUCT.

I agree to the fact that at the end of a day its business but the best part of a movie is that the ART is the most powerful medium that could influence any common man of India. So, why not a blend of craftsmanship and business? I mean, spend a lot on a really worth script, promote the art and get money.

Pop Corn sells a lot but its just a snack and not Food, that’s my point.




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  • rrajkumar

    Thyagaraja Bhagavathar was the highest paid actor by that time in Tamil film industry I think.