A 13- Hour Kidnap

We saw high drama that got staged in Austrian airport, holding the private jet of Bolivian Prez Evo Morales, fearing that Snowden would be on board in the flight. He was on his way back from Moscow after attending the meeting of producer-countries of natural gas. Having his passport revoked by the US, Snowden is stranded in Sheremetyevo Airport for more than a week. This has triggered fear among members of EU France, Italy and Portugal, denying the permission to fly over them. The jet which made an unscheduled landing on the Austrian airport for re-fueling got struck as it was denied permission for the take off.

The members of the EU clearly signal that they are unwilling to act against US and don’t want to invite America’s wrath. The Austrian officials have searched the plane thoroughly, to clear their doubt that Snowden might be aboard. They were very specific not wanting him on their lands. Though none of the EU member countries have commented officially over the Snowden’s asylum, their actions have spoken their stand already.

This issue has sent shock waves across the Latin America and Bolivia has denounced this act as “a kidnap”. It has stirred anger among these nations and have slammed the detention with Furious headlines across Latin American media. Speaking to the press during the 13 hour detention prez Morales has noted that ,” It is a historical Error “, while reacting to the decision made by France, Italy and Portugal. He called his situation as a “ A 13- hour kidnap”.


Morales Snowden Plane

The jet was allowed to leave only after the search operation was over. No European nation wants itself in the trouble waters, including UK. Rumors floated earlier that Bolivia is ready to give political asylum to Snowden. Besides Latin Americans have long braved the US influence in their region. Linking these two the fear has surfaced among the European countries.

The text of the open letter from Snowden’s father Lon Snowden along with his attorney has hit the media. The link to read this letter can be seen below




The letter begins with the quote of the noted voice of the American Revolution, Thomas Paine, that mirrors the mindset of Snowden’s father, and assures the support extended by his family members. In view with this another news  gathers our attention. It is the embarrassing surveillance row charged by the Ecuador Government, against the British Government. Ecuador’s Foreign minister Ricardo Patino has said a hidden microphone was found inside the office of his ambassador, at their embassy in London.

It is worth noting that like the PRISM porogramme of the NSA, Britain has ‘Tempora’ , a programme operated by the British secret service monitoring the global internet activities and telephone connections, collecting metadata as much as 21 petabytes every day. And this article penned by me and read by you might be no exception. In the Cyber Universe “WE ARE NOT ALONE. NO ONE IS.”



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