2016: A Tale of Twists!

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2016 seem to be year which will be never forgotten by the by and large ‘Great Indian Middle Class’ and the ‘economically week’ Indians.

There were change in governments and few states continued with their old masters – but there were not much change by the newly installed masters of states or the continued stalwarts of the power.

The Provident Fund which is considered to be one of the great life savings of the salaried people was much utilized by the government. The PF interest rates were cut with no debates in parliament. For that matter, lot of decisions of this government were taken with no debates in parliament. This year made parliament irrelevant for Indian democracy. ‘Announce First and Never Debate’ – became the working style of the government. Oppositions too had their part in derailing parliamentary democracy.

There were deaths which made the states, nation and international community to take note.

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AMMA Serving in AMMA Canteen

India’s third biggest party in the present parliament lost its leader after three months hospitalization in India’s reputed hospital. Selvi. Jayalalitha Jeyaram, who was popularly called as AMMA died in this year leaving her party men leader less. AMMA schemas are sign of welfare governments which are being copied by all other states including BJP ruling Rajasthan. AMMA is no more is big twist in Indian polity. The strong hold of non-national politics of India is Tamil Nadu. The Dravidian ideology of appreciating the regional values is under crisis. The Dravidians are in wait and watch mode now.

India’s longest lived two great gentlemen did render ‘bid adieu’ or killed abruptly in a public announcement by the government. They are Mr.500 old and Mr.1000. The announcement of demonetization is ‘THE BIGGEST TWIST’ of the year. People are still standing in the queue before ATMs and banks.

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The Last longest Queue is yet to come: Effect of Demonetization

Internationally, we did loss Com. Fidel Castro, a man who sent message to whole world that you can stand firmly even against police of the world – United States of America.

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Com. Fidel Castro

2016 – Is not that easy to forget. The major thanks go to Mr. Narendra Modi, the elected prime minister of world’s largest democracy.

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