3 idiots : Short Story

A beautiful Sunday morning, 11.00 a.m (may be afternoon for many), after the 14th snooze, without any slightest hesitation my alarm was again ringing. Finally I decided to get up. My roommates were still sleeping, after the usual Saturday night bachelor’s party. I switched on the TV and saw a beautiful female teenager anchoring a show. I was dreaming a duet in the sofa for a while and opened my eyes weirdly and was amazed to see the same chick in front of me, but soon I realized that it was a cover page of our usual magazine. Sighed a deep breath, took the magazine that had a couple of attached leaflet with a statement “Jackpot – 1 crore” in Arial Bold Italics.


Both leaflets had small area masked with black foil to scratch. Couple of my roommates Arun and Kalyan joined me in finding the hidden treasure. Disappointment prevailed after scratching the first shaded area as it had a statement “Better Luck Next Time”. Hoping for the same statement behind the second one, my friend scratched that without any enthusiasm. But there was a big shout as if India won against Pakistan in WC Finals. All 3 of us saw the statement, “You have won” and an attached register no 98765. The immediate conversations were as follows
ARUN – Friends we are blessed. We are crorepatis.
KALYAN (humming)…Dil Chahta Hai….
ARUN – Hey we must start a business as soon as possible. Why to still work under someone. We will give jobs to thousands.
KALYAN – Hmm… We will start a Beer Factory.
ARUN – You idiot. Think of something different.
Myself – Guys, relax.., we do not know what we have won…
ARUN – Hey you, we are crorepatis. Believe it. Feel it. If you can’t, please don’t disturb us.
KALYAN – Guys, we will plan for a holiday in Hawaii…Loads of beer, lots of cheer girls…
ARUN – Man, be a little serious… at least at times… Do you have our company HR number…I need to talk to them regarding my resignation
Myself – Guys this is little too much
KALYAN – Hey first call the magazine publisher to know how we must collect our jackpot
Myself – First sensible statement from you, ever.
Then we called the no given there from ARUN’s mobile which was topped up for Rs.100 the before night. We were asked to hold for some 15 , 20 min and then a prerecorded message was reading out the cash awards for every register no.
98768 – Rs.1000,
98767 – Rs.10,000 and again we were put on hold for some time.
That was when we realized that there was a register no in that leaflet with a * marking which stands for Conditions Apply. But still ARUN’s hope didn’t fade. Guys for register number 98768 – it was Rs.1000 , the immediate no 98767 won Rs.10000… so we would be the grand winner. Immediately the prerecorded message continued 98766 – Rs.10000, Hopes regained for all of us…next was ours…..9 8 7 6 5 ———-Rs.10….The call ended, with a mobile message “Your balance is Rs.0.95”.
No more words to describe the rest of our day.

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