After 30 Days: Analysis on Modi Raj

It was Bhagat Singh who said “The Independence is change of Masters”.

The Present prime minister called for Independence of India from Indian National Congress. The Independence resulted in change of Masters – but not a big change in matters.

The Rail fare was hiked long back by Indian National Congress lead government of the past keeping in mind – “The railway was bleeding”. BJP made the bleeding to go to some more time. The Prime minister aspirant of BJP at that point of time – made things much worse and wrote a mail to then prime minister of the nation to roll back the hike.


Last Government was not able to make any vital decision because of too many constraints of other political parties too.  When other parties which don’t have any chance of becoming prime minister or cannot thing much out of their states – BJP acted like a bigger regional party than a national party.

No Solution is being offered on subsidies still now. 30 days is not a big time but the promises were tall.

Ravi Shankar Prasad of BJP has stated ‘They were unaware of the situation of government machinery left by INC’.


Prime minister of the nation invited SAARC leaders for his swearing in ceremony. It was a nice move. It has to be appreciated. But the fruits will come bit later I think. But until now, except the release of fisher man on receiving invite by Head of states of Pakistan and Sri Lankar – no fruit is seen or foreseen in the recent past or present or near future. India still follows Gujral’s doctrine.

Tamil Nadu is complaining about Sri Lanka. BJP of Tamil Nadu wing and BJP of India are speaking differently. Pakistan Media is stating their Prime minister was belittled.

Pak Media: Nawaz is belittled

Hike on the price of petroleum can happen any time, and for that no plan is formulated or any initiative have been taken by the government.

As stated – it is very early to comment on the government. 30 days is very little time. We have to wait and watch at least for 6 more 30 days.

Let’s hope for the best.

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