The 5 Stone marvels, I admire

#1 Tanjore Temple:

Few call it as world’s first granite temple. It is a wonder of the world but not listed in Seven Wonders of the World.

It was built by the greatest king of Dravidian land Rajendra Chola. This temple is the biggest temple built in the Dravidian land. One of the beautiful pyramids known only to few.

You would be amazed by the sky scrapping tower of the big temple. The big Shiva ling and big bull will be in your eyes if you visit it for once.

Rajaraja  and his dynasty was Shiva worshippers. The temple is the ornament of Dravidian architecture.

Tanjore is in Tamil nadu and easily accessible from Chennai, the major metro of South India. It is worth to visit.

#2 Angkor Wat:

Amazing Temple spread across hundreds of acres. The Water management by khmer Dynasty is not simpler one. Their knowledge in architecture and water management is extra-ordinary. It is best placed in the flag of Cambodia.  While Land mines of Cambodia are sad memories of the nation, the best memory of the nation is Angkor Wat.

If you get a chance to visit Cambodia, it should be in your list. Contribute to maintain and discover Angkor Wat, the glorious past of Cambodia.

#3 Great Sphinx of Giza:

It is largest monolith of the World. It is 241 ft long, 63 ft wide spread and 66.34 ft high. It is the oldest known monumental structure.

There were no inscriptions about it in the old kingdom of Egypt. But it is the oldest known monumental structure.

The New Kingdom of Egypt called it as Hor-em-akhet. This is eye catching monument and the living wonder of the world. This Rock is amazing.

#4 Sigiriya:

A Sri Lankan wonder not known most of the south Asians is called Sigiriya. It is literally called as Lion Rock (In Sinhala and Tamil).

Few believe it was capital city of Sri Lanka when the mythical king Ravan of Ramayan. The Rock structure is amazing. It is complex rock structure of a single rock mountain. It keeps you surprising.

You feel there is a palace build in only one rock. If Sri Lanka comes back to ‘’Real’’ Normalcy for Tamil & Sinhalese – it is worth visting.

#5 Megalithic Temples of Malta:

The Megalithic Temples of Malta is made of multiple rocks. This was built during three distinct periods between 3600 BC and 700 BC. This is the island wonder.

As all the best rock structures this is also marked by UNESCO as World Heritage Site.

The Giant towers of Temples are has continuation with the other other structure. The structures are connected to each other. It was a block by block building structure.

It is difficult to visit all these five. But I would love to. Angkor Wat is in my travel itenary as already Tanjore Temple is done.

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