Jallikattu: Bullfight in waiting ?



Tamils are getting ready for their biggest celebration of their culture – Pongal. Pongal, which literally means ‘arrival of overflow’ on middle of every January. The festival symbolizes the overflow of joy and wealth. Pongal is harvest festival, which marks the new beginning for the agro society and the commoners.

Pongal starts with bogi, a day before actual pongal day – which burns the worst of the past and welcomes the best of the future. Pongal is almost a week long festival. Pongal has too many attributes including visiting the extended family. Pongal which is almost dubbed as equivalent of “Thanks giving day” of Tamils by few western media. Yes, the essence of pongal is thanks giving to nature and people.

Pongal has entertainment too. Jallikattu, the traditional bullfight which is aged in thousands is part of the pongal celebrations.


Jallikattu is called ’embracing the bull’ by the Tamil literatures.  This is not like the matador-bullfight of spain.

The Animal activists calls for ban on it for years. It is banned for a year now. But this puts the festivity mood down for few districts of the state of Tamil nadu. Few of the outsiders and animal activists rubbishes the cultural angle of the game. They call it as atrocity. They even blame on the culture of the longest living classical society of the nation.

As elections are nearing, every party in the state is supporting for the cause of Jallikkattu. But the issue is sub judice.  The deadlock seem to be never ending.

The Chief Minister of the state, Jayalalitha has wrote a letter to the Prime minister of the nation to bring ordinance.

Animal activists has to understand the reality and try to enforce regularity and welfare of the animals being used in the fight. But trying to make a full stop for the fight is not liked by most of the natives, particularly by southern districts of Tamil nadu.

It seems another politics for all. No party seem to have clear vision.

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