A Man, A Magnet, A Mission: APJ Abdul Kalam

[Today is the last day of  Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s body – the vehicle of his dreams and actions]

Dr. Kalam playing Veena

Dr. Kalam playing Veena

When you are reading this, one of the nation’s great soul’s body might have been cremated or being cremated in one of the southernmost tip of the nation. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was an epitome to prove India’s plural and secular nature. He was installed as president of the nation by Hindu Hardliners who ruled India under the leadership of Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The Dreams of Abdul Kalam were not simple but those were not impossible too. He made those dreams reality. Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam, was born to economically less well Tamil Muslim Family in the island of Rameswaram. As every Indian, he grew in the multi-religious environment. He had the freedom to accept the best from everything. He was a learner until his last second. He learnt from other religions too.

Dr. Kalam, youth icon with grey hair

Mr. Kalam was a great human being, who became the president of the nation. He was humble and simple until his last second. He started his career as paper selling boy. But now, became news of every paper in the nation. Mr. Kalam can be set as a best example of man, who the Indian politicians have to follow. For that matter, every one of us needs to learn a lot from him for our life than about science and his intellectual capability.

Mr. Kalam was a like a magnet, he attracted every young mind. He was young even at 83. He will be young in our minds forever. Few called him as Vivekananda of present time. Mr. Kalam, believed to make a nation super power, you need young, dynamic and energetic crowd.  The Former president was foresighted and unparalleled in his magnetism attracting the juvenile crowd.

The People’s president was a mission. He made us to dream about making the nation, super power. He worked in  the field. He made a movement to plant 1 crore trees. He wowed for natural agriculture. He was not in favor of capital punishment.

He lived, is living and will live in our thoughts.

Royal Salute to one of the greatest sons of the soil! Jai Hind.

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