A Study on Salman’s Case

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The recent Salman khan’s case has brought us a fresh understanding on few things which happen to be the ‘permanent’ topics on debate. It has showcased a few important things that mirror societal outlook and perception on crime and punishment. The case is simple without any room for doubts. The star on screen Salman drunk and drove his land cruiser and hit five street dwellers sleeping on the pavements that killed one and permanently injured the rest. Needless to say it was 13 years ago.
The delayed justice was served few days back pronouncing the actor guilty of the crime and slapped him with a five years rigorous imprisonment. What happened after has revealed that we live in a society that’s still primitive in many ways. The on screen super hero persona has dominated the real life persona of the actor and the support came pouring in from fellow film fraternities to hardcore fans of the star. High emotional drama got staged and the media fanned it for their personal benefits as ever.
The presenters from the newsrooms kept shooting emotional questions melodramatically and the reporters in front of the court rooms caught up with the pace perfectly and went on updating the news, live. Almost every national news channel’s screen space in the bottom had the Tweets from the fellow film fraternity scrolling in support – in the tone of standing by their colleague in moment of distress.
None of the tweets have I seen bore truths or something even nearer to it. All were nothing but the tear jerking consolations for the star on his punishment. Most of their responses stopped within the safe zone – just a plain ‘sad moment for Salman’. The personalities in the film industry have taken this event only as an opportunity to show their solidarity and the round the clock media coverage just perceived it as big bait to keep their channel’s TRP on top. Plain and simple. In the social media #beingSalmanKhan trended.
Actor Ranbir Kapoor went way ahead of everyone in rendering his support for the actor. He was in all praise for the actor’s philanthropies and had urged that one should take it as the role model. What actually is he trying to convey here? Does someone who does philanthropies warrant him to cross the line of justice? is it ok for someone who has helped and contributed a lot for the welfare of the society to kill someone and get away with it? I don’t understand.
Diminishing these kinds of supports were those of the comments of singer Abhijeet Singh and jewellery designer Farah Ali Khan. Both dared to criticize the pavement dwellers for sleeping on the roadside. Though their comments sparked controversy and criticism from the Bollywood circles itself, it clearly exemplifies the outlook of the rich about the poor.

Pic courtesy: financialexpress.com

Pic courtesy: financialexpress.com

The support that keeps pouring from the Salman’s fans just shows our perception and understanding of the medium of cinema hasn’t matured in any way. In Salman’s case his reel life Superhero persona has spilled out into his real life too and people receive him as a super hero beyond the screens as well. The sensitivity of the crime he committed is something that is least debated on.
Still keep teaching your kids everyone is same before justice? Come on ! Show the them real world !


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