AAM: New Change! New Path!!


The Elections which is going to happen in the first half of the December 2013 for Delhi Assembly is unique in its own. First time, the national capital is going to witness a three cornered almost equivalent weight parties in contest.

BJP and Congress have ruled Delhi in the past. The debutant Aam Admi Party (AAP) is giving tough fight to the national heavy weight parties of the Indian Democracy.

BJP is nothing much another version of Congress in a lot of cases is the main point that puts AAP in nice spot. Congress and BJP are trying to spoil the party at their best. The Media Sarkar sting operation did come with suspicions of the national parties in the background.

Though Congress might be prepared for the fall, the obvious beneficiary is not BJP this time. The BJP was the first party to rule Delhi, once Delhi went with simple statehood provided.

The BJP failed in performance and paved way to Congress. After 15 years in power, the anti-incumbency is triple to Congress. Still congress seems to be reaching around or over 20 seats in the 70 seat assembly. The Image of INC was greatly spoiled by the infamous gang rape which shook the whole nation in the recent past. The debate of female safety was sparked again.

But BJP is not clear; the corruption of BJP is more immoral than congress. One of my friend, who is AAM supporter did render a statement to me in a private discussion that Congress at least did SCAM on buying Bofors, but BJP did in Coffin  when Indian soldiers were sacrificing their lives for the safety of the nation.

Per the moral ground he leveled, BJP is too bad and worse compared to the Congress. The Bharat Matha Ki Jai lovers will not bother about soldier’s death – but will try to make money out of the Coffins is the judgment of friend of mine.

While BJP can respond back and say, it was not BJP but NDA. It raises a big question, Can BJP incapable of running coalition government in a coalition era of Central government.


The funding of INC and BJP is not probed are not clearly published to the world. But the government suspects AAP. The same strategy was chosen by INC lead UPA in N-Plan K’Kulam at Tamil Nadu. The Government probed funding. But the inquiry did not bring any fruit to the Central government.

It is all politics. But AAP at the moment seems to be clear and straight forward. Youth and outer Delhi is supporting AAP with vigor.  AAP is seen as replacement of the present system. AAP has given faith to most delhites. They hope Kejriwal and Team. AAP has intellectual way to debate and to project them as entirely different. AAP did render constituency based manifestos, which is seen as first of its kind in the nation’s history.

Let’s hope for best. People are waiting.


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