Abraham – Ibrahim – Brahm – Bramman – Paraman


Anyone who is a Christian knows about the word – Abraham. Abraham is considered as one of the first best holy souls born in the earth. While Christianity calls him as Abraham, Muslim religion calls him as Ibrahim.

The first two letters existing in these two words Abraham and Ibrahim i.e A and I respectively might have been silent letters in the past culture. The Indian mythical world says that the human race was bron by the grace of holy old man called Brahm – who later joined the league of gods in India. Brahm looks to be the word with no silent letter like A or I.

Brahm might have connection with the word Abraham or Ibrahim. While the Sanskrit word Brahm is with no silent letter, the concept of silent letters is not new to European languages like English and Indian languages like Tamil.

Interestingly, the letter A which will be pronounced as “ah” and the letter I which is pronounced as “eeh” in these sort of words were mostly silent and never gets pronounced in spoken language of Tamil.

There are ample amount of examples in Tamil. In the word – Arangam (stage), the first letter “A” is silent. The word Arici (Rice) was pronounced as rici where A is not pronounced in grand old days. The words Arasan (King), aranganathan (Name of God) also follow the same pattern.

The words ilatchiam (Aim or objective derived from Ilacku – target), Ilacku (meaning Target – Might be root word of Luck – meaning the fortunate to reach the target), Ilakkiam (Literature) has silent “I”s. The A and I/E are used as silent letters in the language Tamil in the above said words.Looking at this, Abrham or Ibrahim might be from an Indian language / Indo-Aryan or Indo-Dravidian language with first letter as silent. Abraham is the European way to pronounce Braham and Ibrahim may be the Arabic way of saying Braham.

While Braham can be back tracked – the present day Tamil or literary Tamil is not having the sound in “B”, which I supposedly believe as refined in historical times may be before Sangam age.

But look at the word Abraham which can be back tracked to Braham. Paraman mean oldest holy soul is neither but a literal meaning Braham other ways called as Brahamman in Tamil.

In case if you remove Ab or Ib in Abraham or Ibrahim – you will get the word raham or rahim. Raham might have been arrived from (a)ra(ha)m – Aram in present day Tamil means discipline or best way to lead life in this earth.

A man who lived with Aram (holy discipline) might have been called as A(b)raman or Abraham. This may be other way of looking at the word Abraham or Ibrahim.

Abraham was not a simple proper noun according to Tamil. It has a meaning – eldest soul.Even today architecture of Tamil houses has concept called Paran. Paran is used to place older items in house. Param just mean old. Praman – means old / eldest soul. Paran mean old storage.While the word Aram means discipline aran means protection – for which people seek god.

The pronoun palaya (old) is sometimes used with the word param. The best example is palaya paramasivan – the eldest lived soul.

The word sivan in the word Paramsivan means Life. Sivan is the root word for the Sanskrit word Jeevan. Sivan saved lives of all Tamils and landed in a place called Thiruthonipuram ( holy – thiru, thoni – Boat / ship, puram – outside world)


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