Adam – Aathma-Aanma-Aanmagan


The Word Adam in Bible is used to identify the first human born in the world. The word Adam might have been derived from an Indian root again. The word Aathma which is Sanskrit by nature means “Soul”. Adam was a first soul created.

There was no past to Adam. There was no need to use the word old as the first chapter of holiness opens. So he was called as soul otherwise Athma which is pronounced as Ad(h)am or Adam in Christian texts.

While the word Aathma means soul – it lacks gender. The same word might have been derived from the Tamil word Aanma means the same – soul with no gender.

The word Aanma is connected to another word in Tamil called Aanmagan which means male. Male was first created by god – per the belief of Christians, while we are yet to get reference from religion of Tamils who was created first.

Present day Tamil use the word Aan in place of Aanmagan. Tamil has transformed words like these.

Adams point is found in a place where Tamils literally lived. There are beliefs that Aadam might have been Anchestor.

The grand old linguist of Tamil – Devaneya Paavanaar believed in this.On another note – Aathi manithan ( aath – ma ) means first man in Tamil.Eve – Evaal – yeh! Vaazh – yeh! Vaazhvu

Eve is the first female created by god per the faith of Christianity. Eve was named as Eve by Adam. Bible states this in lively fashion.

Bible says Adam did call Eve as Eve. Per Bible Eve is meant as “ooh! Life”.The word eve is supposedly an amalgamation of two words which English of our day can state as “ooh! Life”

The word life in the South Indian Language Tamil is “Vaazhvu”. The letter “zh” is a retro-flex of pronunciation of the letter “la”. Even Tamil should be called as TamiZH.

The word Eve is called as evaal in Tamil. The amalgamation of two words “(y)eh!

Vaa(zh)ve”. Vaazhve is way to call the life. When the last letter of a word is a vowel – it

travels long.“e” or “yeh” is a vowel in Tamil.

Even today “Eva” in Tamil means “Who is she?” – Remarkably a great inheritance.Perhaps Adam did mean the same – who is she?

In the midst of this research – there are findings state Hebrew might did get influence by the language Abrahamsa – a degraded Tamil spoken in Kashmir.Abrahamsa might have lot to do with Abraham. Might it mean language of sons of Abraham?

The word Tamil for the language was formed later and it is surprise there was no praise or mention of the word Tamil in the grand old literature called “Thirukkural” of Tamil.

Looks lot has come from Tamil.

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