Age Factor and Love for Music

Sinking in Music (2)

It’s rarest of the rare to see someone who doesn’t like music. Perhaps there are people who don’t appreciate music as much it deserves. The intention of this writing piece is not to praise music, which is not necessary. Everyone knows the power of music, after all. Instead this piece of writing attempts to explore the relationship between love for music and the age factor.

People of all ages listen to music. Their selections- Western classics, Classical Instrumentals, Pop, Jazz, Rock, Punk, Hindustani, Gazal, Hip Hop- widely vary across musical genres. Generally the teens at their peaks listen to fast beats and roaring music while the taste shifts to melodies over years. This choice is purely biological and psychological. So never charge a teen in your house for listening music with blaring volumes, for it’s not them but the boisterous age of theirs’. In the biological growth stages of human life, a human reaches his/her peak energy during their teens and this overflowing energy needs some ventilation to cool down. This explains their high temp, high volumes characterizing the ways of appreciating music. When one lower their volumes and begin to wonder how on earth people able to blissfully listen to music with blasting volumes, realize that you’re out of the age of turbulence and is already heading towards maturity.

Sinking in Music (3)

 Now let’s do a small exercise. Browse your memory and list down your top ten all time favorite tracks, irrespective of the genres. Pen them down if you wish. Look at the list now. It might be a widely varying list with each track vastly different from each other in all aspects. But, nonetheless, if you look at all of them one might be obvious. Most of the tracks in your list were those which you soulfully enjoyed as a teen.

In all our coming of age nostalgia, there is always a special place for the music which we listened to. Just a prelude of a track is enough to kindle an array of memories of the golden past. The songs may remind us of the lost friendships, the first love we come across, and an indelible bitterest scar from the past, anything like that. Time erodes everything but memories hold them with different ways- one of the most important among those of the choice of the music of that time.

But why the music we loved in our teens linger longer in our memories? What might be the psychology behind our age and music factor. There have been many reports on the study of age and the musical preferences, which we might get one after the other just by a web search. Beyond these research works there lays a simple fact that surface up upon simple introspection of our past. Adolescence is a miraculous part of human life cycle. Most of our cherished moments belong to this golden period- a period of no worries, moments packed with joy. Least worried about the future, teen life gives us the time to truly enjoy the spirit of life with all its vigor.

It is the time when our mind is probably preoccupied the least so the mind looks for newer things to explore and the urge for newer things and newer experience is at its height. I remember still, more vividly, most of my greener pastures of my memory lane confined to my adolescent territory. It was a period where my reading broadened and I enjoyed music at its best.

Just stay with your memories some time now. Do you see the memory bubbles with all its glittering vibrancies? Which is the lyric that you are humming right now?

  • Saru

    You are right. I did that exercise and 9 of the songs are from teenage. One is recent as I am listening to it day and night. The song I am humming is – Koi Ladba from Coke Studio Pakistan.