Agile Project Management Software


Though I never wanted to be a manager, sometimes the management software comes into picture in my life. Few of my earlier managers did ask suggestion from me to manage the team well. This time, the management software topic came from my young co-worker. He is more interested to know about agile. The hierarchical Indian IT system has tried to put a lot of hesitation in his mind to ask this to his manager. At the same time, he felt easy to speak to me on this.

The first agile management software used by me was version 1 when I was working in California for a world famous statistical company. The second one was xplanner, which I was using in United Kingdom for an insurance company. Xplanner is much of a free software. But there are freelancers, who support xplanner maintenance and enhancements.

Collabnet was introduced to me on training the agile management. Axosoft another software famous in public domain was also introduced to me when  I was browsing. IBM’s tool too an extend can be considered as agile project management tool by few.

The biggest part I liked in Axosoft On Time is their tool with collaboration and simple functionalities. I feel it is not that so in IBM’s. The biggest advantage of Scrumworks Pro is their training network and their interesting training videos. The tool is flexible and easily saleable.

In IBM’s tool – the creation of product backlog and other things are still evolving and the tool is in beta. People are waiting for the complete release.

Agile softwares need to be simple. Product backlog, Sprint backlog, Sprint planning, Collobaration, Burndown chart, daily scrum board, Defintion of done, Poker and so on – should be simple and smart.

Agile is for people to make software devlopment simple – by the same token – the softwares to manage it should also be simple. Agile tools should allow people to use  the existing collaboration software like Microsoft communicator, google chat, IBM LOTUS same time, Microsoft Lync and TIBCO tibbr.

Agile software should be in a position to show the calendar from  Microsoft outlook too. But still the software is evolving.

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