Agility – Not doing better with offshore

render of a shared service concept

In Information Technology, agility can be a best practice for the developers of developing third world nations. By the same token, Agile – the well known IT management principle to the INDIAN IT companies is proving a best thought, Agile is not for reactive world but for a self motivated ego free proactive TEAM.

The SCRUM and SPRINT are becoming soft mini waterfall methodologies. For those, Agile is new – let me put the definition in my way. Agility is concept of building a house brick by brick. If I want to build a bicycle, I need to know the list of products to be developed per my expectation. The list is called product backlog.

The list will be cut into logical pieces. A product will have list of components to be developed. A wheel may have tyre, tube and rest. A product can be built in stipulated time called Sprint with help of multi skilled people.

Sprint should not be more than 4 weeks and SCRUM team should not be more than 7. Here is where money minded Technical company managers fail. They try to customize to achieve their goal.

Agile is not water fall. Headcounts matter in agile. ‘Small is beautiful’ is the principle of Agile. Though Indian Scrum masters are becoming good substance for management, the Project Managers who ran Projects with Waterfall and PMI credentials may fail in IT Agile management.


Agility is becoming water-falling with different jargons. Weekly statuses are becoming Daily statuses. Just leads are joining SCRUM meets when the team has the possibility of joining the meets.

I have seen agile achieving in my career and agile struggle to achieve. The mindset of a scrum master is what required driving the agility. I worked with few Indian and non-Indian Agile masters. Few are really not agile master – they became agile scrum masters not because of choice but because of compulsion. The compulsion created Scrum masters are not fruitful always. They think, they should not think about Waterfall while executing it – but they execute waterfall thinking it as agile.

Let managers work for best possible agility.

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