Agility and Mobility


Both Agility and Mobility in work is created for the welfare of the employees. Either Xtreme programming or SCRUM of Agility – they all intent to the same.

Most of the time, benefits were ripen by the managers than the employees. Being Mobile is not always easy or helpful – but it is necessary for few.

In the past Blueberry was considered to be prestigious stuff. Smart phones replaced the power of blackberry.

Androids and iPhones are playing major roles. I have seen meetings being attended in facetime. When I was part of an IT division of a Insurance company, I had meetings attended from different location and even through face time.

Skype is being used for interviews with no hesitation. Skype interviews have become a normal.

Agile managers are proposing usage of more interactive tools than emails.

The usage of own device or ‘Bring your own device – BYOD’ has created the environment of working flexible and more productive.

Status meetings of agile have conference number in the invite always in IT industry. Though, these meetings should be stand up meetings instead of dial in meetings.

Agile statuses are not mostly adapted in mobile devices. But the supervisors would like to have the status reports in mobile devices.

In a multi-cultural environment, agility needs to get more mobile. If the project is running in USA or UK or Europe, the native employers come to office much earlier than the South Asian expats even if they stay at same geography.

I have faced this reality in the countries I worked. I have worked in EU, USA and UK. The Agile stand up meet starts at the beginning of the day.

The issue is the beginning of the day is different for an Indian expat and a native employee. I was working in an IT division of a company in Silicon Valley, where most of my Indian colleagues reach the office by 9:30 or 10ish. Most of my American co-workers reach by 8:30. The Agile managers have to strike a deal.

Agile managers used to have dial in numbers. Most Indians dial in while driving. Indians are driving IT development.

Bottom line of the story – Stand up calls is not necessarily to be stand up.


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  • Maniparna Sengupta Majumder

    Both are needed if someone wants to reach the uppermost rung…