Anaconda – An Indian Word?


Ages behind, India was dominating in every nook and corner of the world. The Whole of South Asia was under India rulers directly or indirectly. India was superior in Navy. Most Languages in the world has Indian Influence. Few words are really Indian amazingly.

Per few, Irish looks to be having South Indian Influence while most of the European Languages are influenced by Sanskrit. Most of the influence of Sanskrit is already explained even in popular media.

In the Bollywood movie, ‘Namaste London’ – The protagonist renders a dialogue on most popular Sanskrit words available in English. The article is not to going to get into more common Indian words in other Languages.

The word ‘Mac’ in Irish names – may be an Indian Word. Amazingly,  Maga – the word used by most south Indian language is similar and of same meaning per few researchers.  Maga means Son and Mac means the same in Irish.

The word Speech may be a derivative of the word Pechu (Speech in Tamil). Cash is derivative of Casu (Paise in Tamil).

Surprisingly, Anaconda is an Indian Word. I am not sure, how many of us realized it. Anaconda is a combination of two words not found in American languages.

Let me put a puzzle, Anaconda is explanation of nature of the snake which hold this name.

How would you sketch the nature of Anaconda? Anaconda can swallow any kingsize stuff.  When I say, King Size – do you get something Jumbo size in your brain. Yes! Jumbo size ? Awesome – Elephant. Elephant in south Indian languages Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada is close to Ana. It is Aanai in Tamil, Aane in Kannada, Aana in Malayalam.

Then the second half, Conda  – looks like Honda. Not sure, is Honda an Indian influenced word , But Conda is.

A Famous third tier speaker was in Tamil Nadu, the southernmost province of India was called as ‘Vetri Condan’ – Means Holder of Victory. Yes, Victory seems to be more Tamil than English.

Conda means – can hold. Condan means who can hold. Condran – who can kill. All these words clearly states Conda may be a word from Tamil.

If so, then Ana Conda means  – Can kill elephant or Can hold Elephent in mouth. Yes! Anaconda is an Indian word.

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