Anarchy: President’s Cry


The pleasant RaGa or NaMo chant is being disturbed by an angry young man of new India – Arvind Kejriwal. The media polls say – he is the third most favorite by Indians for prime minister position of the  world’s largest democracy, India.

The NaMo who is speaking the agenda of development and change is not able to create magic for his party in Arvind’s Delhi. RaGa who is fighting against  his own party order for inclusive growth has accepted the need to learn from AK’s party.

India’s new order is now revolving around Arvind Kejriwal instead of Narendra modi or Rahul Gandhi. Congress is facing double anti-incumbency with a failure of good governance in the recent past and is very much aware of the loss they are going to incur.

But BJP who calls AK as Team B of Congress is not able to really crush the image of AAP. AAP is growing and seems to be need of the hour, especially,  by most of the learned people of the nation. Narendra modi is famous for his dictatorial way of functioning. Rahul speaks of inclusive and democratic way of functioning. AK is working with rebel approach.


The President of the nation called AAP way as ‘anarchy’ without naming them. With no surprise, BJP came first to support the congress sponsored President of the nation. BJP at any cost want to crush congress. Their intentions are clear. Even after 15 years they were not ready or not capable to form government in national capital state.

President calling AAP as anarchy is the mind voice of INC and BJP explicitly said. AAP is just now figuring out the pitfalls. There is no law in India states, CM should not go for Dharna. But the Dharna has created multiple thoughts in the mind of Delhites.

Manmohan singh’s government might be calm. It might be difficult to say, if NaMo were PM of the nation, AK can stage Dharna. AAP is only in Delhi and Haryana. Unfortunately, a nation with no alternate for Congress has to go for BJP – another face of bad politics of the nation. AAP has to prove if they are a real alternative to Congress and BJP.

Save India. We need real change!

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