And Prepare For Dawn – Part – I

Cinema 3

The existence of any art- and through it, its creator- is possible only by the audience. They are the causal agents of the prolonged persistence of that art. It is impossible for any art form to survive with none to view it and appreciate it. The more we understand an art the better it achieves the status of eternity. Whenever a new art form emerges, it looks attractive. Almost every new thing adorns this glamour. Nevertheless, things change as clock ticks. The more we get familiar with it the less its muse becomes. Familiarity breeds contempt. Any art form that isn’t comprehended properly fails to become an integral part of our lives. Its death, then, becomes inevitable.

The usage of the word ‘properly’ in the previous sentence is deliberate. Watching an art die is pitiable. Misunderstanding an art is lot more miserable. An art lost is a loss for a society, beyond doubt. Art when misinterpreted can be much more dangerous. It is capacious of affecting and altering the ideology of the society altogether.

Our cinema halls are flocked with so-called commercial flicks all the time. The quality of their content while questioned, the stereotypic elusive answer that always comes is this. ‘We serve only what the viewers want’.  Is it acceptable or is there any other reason beyond this?

Is good cinema only for the intellectual elite? Well, I suppose it’s for everyone. Does a good cinema drag the viewer to next level of appreciation and understanding or is it only because of the compulsion of shrewd viewers does a progressive cinema evolves?

When contemplating over it one could find both of these are the reasons, given the circumstances, which favors them. Cinema is an art form, beyond doubt. Entertainment is one of its features. Now, we ought to remember that beyond being an art form cinema has another face. In the eyes of capitalism, it is yet another field that hatches golden eggs. To say honestly filmmaking is business. Whenever an art adorns the business coat, the possibility of preserving it’s artistic traits are put into test. Other features give way for ‘entertainment’ that gathers all the lime light onto itself.  Because an art is consumed mostly as entertainment once it gets commercialized. So, cinema is subjected to many inevitable compromises.


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