And Prepare For Dawn – Part – II

Cinema 1

A brainy businessman never does his trade that just caters the needs of the society. Instead, he does something smarter. Rather than serving the existing needs, he creates one. Therefore, now new avenues are open for him to play his trade games. The same happens in cinema that is industrialized. “This is what the audience want”, is actually an invented truth. They brand this ‘Commercialism”. If this argument were true, good cinemas would have seen no one but empty halls.

In fact, a superior work when conveyed properly to the viewers enhances them to move on to the next level of appreciating films. On the other hand, it has to be taken into account that a bunch of serious audience set a productive compulsion to cinema to upgrade itself of standards in terms of content and treatment. ‘The French New Wave’ of the sixties is a notable example. It is because of the same reason regional cinema sheds off it’s cliché’s and reinvents itself from time to time. Even commercial films have to move on in the same path as they find that the existing trend is no more saleable, they have no choice but to transform and move ahead.

We’ve too many forms of enduring arts amid us. Painting, Music, Dance, Theatre, Folk lore are some of them. Most of these have blended with our lives and our culture. Along with the evolution of human civilization, they too have evolved ever since, reviving them every now and then. Even today, they keep transforming thanks to the escalated creative thinking of their makers and the upgraded sense of appreciation amongst their audience. Though we’ve these arts that have become an integral part of ourselves, the history of their origin is not authentically known; because they are with us from yore.

The history of the origin of any of these art forms is ambiguous. In fact, no one is sure about the history of them from the moment of their inception. If ever one art that has a perfect recorded history from it’s genesis it could only be Cinema. Yet many among us aren’t even ready to accept cinema as an art. It may be because for many of us cinema is synonymous to fun and entertainment. So, very few are prepared to approach it as a serious medium. None could be blamed for this, as its not fair to point one’s fingers over them, for they have not been trained to appreciate cinema as an art form yet. Its something like questioning a bunch of students on the topics which were never discussed in the class.

In today’s milieu, one gets a professional introduction to literature and any of the art forms only via education. Ironically, the curriculum that introduces every art to us has no room for cinema. Many a times I have heard the elders complaining that it’s cinema that takes youth off the right track. Having said that, “How do we let them have an unguided exposure to cinema for generations”?

In today’s scenario arts are introduced to us through education. The curricula which introduces literature and many other forms of art ironically ignores cinema. Cinema is pointed out as the reason for indiscipline and lack of morality among youths. The parents teach everything else to their wards. Sadly both parents and the education system have seriously failed in this aspect. In a way, pointing fingers towards parents is absurd, since they themselves aren’t trained to aptly perceive the art of cinema. So blaming them is meaningless.

Treasures never seek men. It’s the other way round. Those who seek may find.

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