Android is sweeter with KitKat

Google is synonymous for searching in internet . The internet giant has announced recently the latest version of Android OS would be called KitKat. Android OS, which has neck-to-neck competition with the Apples iOS in the mobile world has got the latest version. Google’s previous version was called jelly bean. It was 4.3 (API level 18) version of Android.




The Expected name for the version 4.4 of Android was Key Lime Pie. But Google stuck a deal with Swiss Chocolate manufacturer, Nestle in announcing the new OS KitKat.

KitKat the famous chocolate bar from the house of Nestle will have the Android mascot, at least in 50 million wrappers.  The deal is win-win for both.

Though Google states, it is No-Money-Changing-Hands Deal. There are reasons to doubt it. Google’s John Lagerling, director of Android global partnerships – call it as ‘fun and unexpected’ idea.

Google used to stock KitKat in large chunks in its office for Android developers. Few media reports say that is the reason for the naming. Google’s idea of fun and unexpected is well known to the world. The work culture of Google is more fun with benefits.

Nestle did invite criticism for the way it promoted milk powder in developing countries in the past.This move can boost Nestle’s business and image. Google’s Android too got into issues. US did announce Android can invite malware easily – putting the popularity of Android in stake.


Android Kitkat


The developer community is cheering up on the arrival of the new Android OS being released. The Android mascot made out of kitkat image was seen in most news papers of the world on the day the Operating System was announced.

I did get few kitkats on the day, thanks to my friends who are working on Android. KitKat was tastier. Hope, Android will give sweeter memories to carry for both Google and Nestle than to not sour with Key Lime pie.

Welcome Android KitKat!

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