Anomalies in Indian Education System – II


Rote Learning

Do you think education and intelligence are synonymous? Well, they would’ve been if fever we understand the scope of it. In current scheme, understanding educating is often reduced to coaching the pupil to score more marks. As we moved on to mark based education system more stress is rendered upon scoring more. To score more one has to learn more. As the stipulated time available for it is not proportional to the quantum of the content, naturally one is forced to memorize. Understanding takes the back seat and the ability to reproduce in the exam papers has become the deciding factor of one’s scores.




Rote learning keeps a student informed but doesn’t enable him/her but never warrants the application skill that comes only with conceptual understanding. Many bright Indian kids, hence, have information aplenty yet aren’t capable of applying to real situations and arrive at a solution to a problem. This is the major reason behind the unemployable situation in our country, rather than the projected unemployment situation. (A survey result published mid last year gave a shocking revelation that 15 million Indian engineering grads are unemployed.)

In the present system the only skill a pupil should have, to excel in exams is a sound memory. He would be stamped an intelligent.


Pressurized Teaching-Learning Environment


Like I mentioned earlier, Indian education system is more rigid and is never flexible to nurture individual talents. In the college of educations the to-be-teachers learn a lot about individual difference of pupils in their educational psychology classes. But all this is just in paper. In reality intelligence of an individual is always gauged with the preset yardsticks. A kid not so good at studies (rightly said less skillful in mugging up the content) is branded unintelligent and fit-for-nothing.

Every child that enters school faces the pressure of surviving this ordeal and the teachers are in turn pressurized by their authorities to produce more and more results. The framed syllabus, for any course for that matter, never matches the available time for teaching-learning. There is always a rush, from day one, a maddening race aiming at completion and fulfilling the duty. No time to spend on harder topics, less room for clarifications and interactions. Being a teacher myself, I ever wonder what is the use of the whole system while it can’t serve what it’s supposed to – to educate a child and groom his skills?


Everybody is a genius


Nightmares and Exam Halls

In any educational system around the world, there is nothing more pressurizing than the examinations. The pattern of educating a child is this: The teacher teaches, helps the pupil to apply the concept and understand its implications in day-to-day life. The tests and examinations are merely a convenient mean of testing what kids have learnt in one go.

In the mark based system the order is definitely ascending. Tests and Exams get the top priority and they become the pivotal nodes on which the entire teaching-learning process is destined to. Cracking exams has become the primary goal of entire education process and every pupil accumulates knowledge and information just to puke it in exam papers. The whole purpose of learning has just reduced to a preparation for the examinations. Along with memory one now requires the formula to crack any exam. One who is aware of this ‘blueprint’ is sure to excel.


(To continue…)



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