Anomalies in Indian Education System – III


Education is


Disparity between Theoretical and Practical Learning


I hear and I forget.

I see and I remember.

I do and I understand

  – Confucius


This is the most popular quote we come across whenever we stress on practical learning. A mere theoretical learning just let one know. Only the practical learning enables one to understand what is being learned and apply it in real life as well. We couldn’t deny that Indian education system abandons practical learning. Yet, we also should agree that a glaring disparity between the two forms of learning. The Indian curricula- of any stream for that matters- stresses more on dumping theoretical knowledge to the students rather than helping them to understand everything they learn in theory practically.

Relatively the quantum of content learnt by a student from west is less than that of his Indian counterpart. But the main difference lies in the practical knowledge he/she acquires. You might argue that due importance is given in higher education, if not it would be impossible for the research wing of any field flourish. Arguably a pupil learns his basics only while in high school, where we still stick on to chalk-and-talk method and the practicals conducted at this level is nothing more than a formality.


Herd Mentality in choosing streams

As parents and students perceive education as the sole mean to ensure prosperity and financial security it plays a pivotal role in the choice of the streams. Streams like the engineering and medical become the most sorts after. In the past two decades after India has ensured its place in the global IT map, a surging craze was seen among the grads to enter into this field. Practically there has been least progress registered in the scientific research over this same time. We managed to make a mark in the Silicon Valley, but have considerably lost on all other areas as a price for it.

Academic progress if flourishes in all branches relatively equally then society on the whole would benefit more than it does currently.


Life and learning


Commercialization of Education

Education in the past three decades has become one of the most profitable businesses in India. The craze for specific courses, engineering and management studies in particular, had attracted the institutions which had commercialized education, plainly put. I would like to point just one widely popular strategy followed by engineering colleges to attract student for every academic year, which strengthens my argument in fact. Come June every year we get to see lavish full page advertisements in the dailies and magazines of engineering institutions, about the 100% placements of their students who batched out that year. A survey published mid-last year shocked us with an astounding 15 million young engineering grads in India are unemployed. If all these flaunted figures of these ads are true where this unemployed chunk did had their education? In abroad?! This question makes some sense now. Doesn’t it?




Though we might list down quite a lot more drawbacks , sticking to the titular theme, I have list down some of the major anomalies (every single point mentioned in this series deserves an exclusive write up) in the current education system.

If you’ve got more core issues worth highlighting, I love to hear from you.

May we hope a promising dawn!


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