APSC Ban: Threat to Freedom of Speech?

APSC (Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle) is facing heat from HRD and IIT Madras management for their vocal power which did not get likes from the ruling party.

Tamil Nadu is bastion of Dravidian politics. Dravidian politics is against caste system. The father of Dravidian politics is Thanthai Periyar (Father & Respected ) EV Ramasamy Naickar. Ramasamy Naickar saw only two castes in the Hindu society – one who obeys brahmanical values and the other.


Ambedkar and Periyar sharing a lighter moment

Periyar is a political icon and champion of Dravidian politics. It is quite evident most Hindutuva forces don’t like.

Ambedkar is icon of Dalit politics and champion of their rights. Both almost worked for the same cause called equality.

Now, there is a circle which is formed after both these leaders in IITM. Naturally it has to be against the Hindutuva forces. The reports state the circle is derecognized. Tamil Nadu which is facing the danger of freedom of speech and thought for last 10 months includes incident of Perumal Murugan, Viswaroopam, and Puthiyathalaimurai’s Mangal Sutra issue. All these are attributed to the fundamentalists.

Protest against HRD minister. Smriti Irani

Ambedkar and Periyar always faced issues until their death and even after the death too. Few even call Periyar as Non-believer of god than champion of equality. Periyar can be seen has half communist too. Most communist movements in Tamil Nadu support Periyar as he was a follower of communism to large extend.

The ban is opposed by every political party and few non-political movements too excluding the ruling ADMK and BJP. Though there are counter arguments by the people opposing the APSC, the question from the neutral people why there was no call for discussion instead of ban? On the contrary, the ban is based on an anonymous letter while the letters from the CM / Opposition leaders to PM never receive any reply. The Hast and hurry shown in banning the APSC, triggers the doubt about central government.

Everyone should enjoy space to publish their views – if not, none should. Law should be equal.


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