Arun Jaitely: Chidambaram, the Second ?


The Last National budget tabled by the new government in office at New Delhi, seems more or less extension of the previous government’s budget with few exceptions. When Mr Arun Jaitely raised to present the budget, it was Arun Jaitely raised to present the budget. But while completing the statement of budget, it was P Chidambaram, who completed it.

Economics is no way different from the perspective of Congress or Bharathiya Janatha Party. There might be very slight degree of deviations. But no conceptual deviations. This is the truth proven by last budget. On the same note, being the first of the new government- it is difficult to take any hard measure in this budget. Still the government is learning. But the doubt is – Is it learning or following the previous government ?

Pro-government camp speaks about few of the differences in the budget comparing to Mr Chidambaram’s. But it is not to be forgotten, Mr Chidambaram too was capable to render budget with changes when situation demanded.

Mr Chidambaram’s budgets were appreciated occasionally even by the Left camp of the nation. Mr Jaitely’s 150 Crore for Women still stays dwarf comparing to the tall statue of Sarder Vallabhai Patel, the pet project of the government. For the government, Women are second next to Sardhar Vallabhai Patel. Mr Jaitely’s budget is really no pro-people. On the same time, it targets goodeconomic development by walking on the same path laid by the Modern Economics brought by Mr. Manmohan singh, when he was the finance minister of the nation under Mr. P V Narasimha Rao.

If Mr Manmohan singh’s economic policies are considered as faulty, then it is time to change it. This government enjoys full majority with prime party ruling alliance requiring no real support from the alliance partner. If this government cannot take risk in changing the wheel back to pro-people from the Mr. Manmohan singh’s so called ‘Anti-people’ economics.

Perks for middle class on Tax can be easily rendered by the previous government ministers too. India expects more. Mr Jaitely has not done justification to the expectation. He seems to be Chidambaram II.

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