ASUS PAD FONE: Combining phone with Tab


The World is growing bigger; the Dreams of world too.  Necessity was the mother of invention may not be completely true in the world which is revolving now. Now, making luxury as the necessity has became common even in third world countries. While one side, recession is hitting intermittently – the world is not exhausted. Everything is moving on its phase.

The ASUS phone is a combination of luxury, comfort ability and efficiency. You get three in one pack, you can see the world in 4.3” cell phone screen and you can see the same in the 10.1’’ tablet but with single data plan. This keeps you not to have a separate tablet. You can have all your records in one place. No sync ups required. You can stay with single data plan. The Admirers say you have life of the single time charged battery for 63 hours.

ASUS is not a brand to most of the consuming world. Few even get confused with the company ASUS  and ACER. Both are two different entities. ASUS is famous for its mother board per her admirers.

ASUS Padfone is a thought implemented in the year of 2012 –  I think that’s when the series started. If the same concept might have introduced by Google or Apple, the reception might be different. The Economical world thinks that we can achieve the same price with no combination of two entities like phone and pad. But the idea is great to have such phone.

The Styles comes with the fone can allow you to write stylish and can be used as earpiece to here and speak. Another innovative thought which keeps you attracted in the crowd. Calling anyone with working becomes simpler. But the Enterprises may warn, this would bring down the productivity to lower level.

Any time, anywhere work and life becomes possible in the present world. People need life at work and working life. Personal and Professional has to be managed with care and affection. These innovations may keep that alive. Who knows, companies may give padfones to employees for the purpose of getting work.

I loved the concept, design and the keyboard which comes with it. I Loved it.


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