Attack India via Sri Lanka: New Route of Terrorism in Sub continent

It is not silk route. It is a sea route, the intelligence agencies would like to call as ‘Terrorism’s new route’. The Indian government has sent messages to sea shore states to be on alert post Independence Day. It warns about possible attacks in the southern states over the last weeks of the Independence month (august). The Agencies warned of 25th Aug as a red alert day. The terrorists would come into Indian main land via the sea route from Sri Lanka. India suspects of Pakistan trained terrorists.

terrorism-india-7919307In the southern province of India, Kerala – handful of suspects were already arrested. Kerala calls it to be five. Few reports claims – it may be half a dozen. All the sea shore districts were alerted around Independence Day. The arrests of suspects were made in the Kochi district.

India’s another southern province, Tamil Nadu – which is known for its close cultural ties with Sri Lanka has pushed to sort help from internal security system from the island nation. Tamil Nadu has bitter relation at the moment with the island nation.

south-india-map1Southern tip of the union, Kanyakumari was witnessing frequent sea patrols by coast guards post Independence Day in the ocean. The Tip was more cautious on 25th Aug, the last before Sunday of the Independence month.

The Districts of Tuticorin, Thirunelveli, Rameswaran are in high alert. Rameswaram is in high alert for long time due to civil war in the island nation, which resulted in arrival of refugees to the Indian Union from Sri Lanka’s north and east.

This threat which the Indian Intelligence Bureau has notified came after the fourth year completion of three decade old Civil War in the island between the Sri Lanka government forces and the Tamil Tigers.

This new route makes a point to India; no direction is left with security for the nation. India needs friends in all directions and strong national security system. We can release a sigh of relief, that so far everything is good. May this continue.

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