Australia: No to Asylum Seekers




Papua Guinea might be the place the asylum seekers to Australia may need to land. Australia’s present government under Kevin Rudd has published new charter for treating Asylum seekers.

Most Asylum seekers reach Christmas Islands and eventually become the citizen of Australia. Australia finds it to difficult to handle refugees. The geography of Australia puts her under heavy Asylum Seekers load.

People from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Afghanistan feel Australia as a place better than their homeland. Sri Lanka which was affected by civil war for last three decades constitutes good amount of asylum seekers. Bangladesh is also sending poor people to Australia; India and Pakistan too.

Australia is bigger with relatively good living conditions. The Indian sub-continent lacks good living for most of its citizens.

The Per-capita in Australia is higher than the citizens of these nations. The People who were reaching Australia want to get them converted as Australians. The cautious India never granted citizenship to refugees. In contrast, Australia was granting citizen ships. Australia finds that their fancifulness is being taken as advantage by asylum seekers. So it has decided to play the game safe from now on.

Australia did not allow few boats full of asylum seekers for pretty lengthy weeks recently. Australia was sending signals since then to the world – ‘We are going to shut down the Asylum’. End of the day, as expected Australia has taken a decision which is a clear shocker to those Asylum seekers.

Australia has chosen Papua New Guinea, which is Guantanamo of Australia. The Torture cells of Papua are famous for its people handling. Australia is not ready to spar the pregnant women or Sick people. This Signal has reached UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Commission).  UNHRC did render a statement carrying its displeasure over the Australia’s decision on Asylum seekers. But Australia’s Foreign minister is unshaken.

Every Country is running towards protectionism. Australia is not an exemption. While all the nations are playing safe we can’t expect Land of Kangaroo’s alone to be angelic and receive the refugees with open arms.

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