Australian Imagination: Putting Islam in Map

Time is no good for Ms. Stephanie Banister of Australia, an One Nation candidate in Australian elections. She has to quit from the elections for the knowledge she exposed in the media.

The media is comparing Ms. Stephanie Banister with Ms. Sarah Palin, former US vice presidential candidate for general knowledge.

Ms.  Banister, when interviewed by 7 News of the country – called Islam as country. She was confused with words. Halal and Haram was not quite coming to her mind. Haram was used by her in place of Halal. She in her past has pasted stickers ‘ Halal foods fund terrorism’ on Nestle Products in super markets.

Ms. Banister’s party has supported her. It said she will get the support from the party.
The interview has caused more. She has announced – she is quitting from the elections.

The Internet savvy world has seen her interview across the globe. The Interview has gone viral at least in the part of the world she lives.

It is not a big issue to have a such a knowledgeable politician in a country. No Country’s politicians are an exemption.

I think, Politicians, Actors and Sportsperson are good at making news. Most of them are away from books. You can not find fault with them. But unfortunately they face these sort of questions in public space – putting them in shame.

Putting Islam in world map is an innovative idea. Ms. Banister tried her level best. She has said the editing of the interview has made the situation worse.

She did not leave Jesus Christ and Jews too. She called ”Jews are not under haram”. Not sure, was she  advocating  Israel for Palestinians. She added “Jews follow Jesus”.

stephanie banisterShe acknowledges that she has been made fool after the interview broadcast but only because of editing.

For Now, Australian Parliament is not going to have  Ms. Banister in the parliament after the coming elections.An interview has turned the situation. She may need to sleep with books for some days to face Interviews in future.

She should not get confused with Obama and Osama. Just a letter differs in spelling, but a lot differs in personality.

Let her learn. We believe she can make – har ( Oops ! the Haram hangover lingers still) – her up as one of the best MPs in future.

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