Autograph : Only Indian Kids of 80s and 90s can understand

Were you an Indian kid from 80s and 90s? This blog is for us.


Travelling back the memory lane to my childhood days………………..

Sunday morning I woke up to the tunes of DD’s popular opening music. With my mom’s coffee we watched Chitrahar as a family.

Shaktimaan was the yesteryear Spider man for us. After the Sunday lunch we used to have the national film hour where our language movie would come once in 10 or 12 weeks.

Television sets were the fat CRT ones and almost all houses had a case for it. If you had a remote, you were elite. Sunday evening DD movie was the only time a a regional movie was shown and everyone of us would have watched that along with the whole family whether we liked the movie or not.

No Mobile Phones or Internet. Our house saw the arrival of land line phone after a wait of 4 years and that too the instrument was the classic black one mostly.

Monday mornings were busy as most schools had a white and white uniform that day and every kid would polish their canvas only in the morning.

BSA SLR, Lady Bird. Herculus Champ, HERO Ranger, LML Vespa, K bajaj, Premier Padmini and Ambassador were ruling the roads.

Every one of us had a Camlin Geometry box and I always loose my protractor just like you  :). Till date I do not even know when I used my divider. Hero ink pen was considered elite. Ink rubbers were prominent and it was always a Red and Blue one. All my text books and note books were wrapped and WWF star labels were stuck on it (for boys).

My house had a VCR and once in a month we used to rent a video cassette and see a movie.

Cricket had only 2 formats and both were equally respected. Sachin’s poster from the Sport star magazine was my favorite.

Friday night ‘Oliyum Oliyum’ was the only time we could see video songs. Junoon, Shanti and Swbhimaan were the only mega serials.

‘Washing powder Nirma….Washing powder Nirma’ was almost an anthem of TV.

Our childhood days were quite and simple yet enjoyable even without Google and Apple. It was a great wuality spent together with family, friends and ourselves. Cheers to those days.



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  • so true, I myself have a few goo memories… 🙂

  • Yes..this one made me nostalgic…those golden days of childhood… 🙂

  • Athenas Take

    The divider one was killer, I still have my camlin box, rode a bsa lady bird, my dad had a lml vespa, oh this post was so much more than a good post. Thankyou for this rare treat.

  • Bidyut Bhuyan

    wow….rightly said…born in 1983, all the similar things…i had the same life here in Guwahati, Assam (hope u know that Guwahati is in India with a pin code 781001 coz north east is a fucking neglected place & many people don’t even know it exists in their own fucking soil, India), did u forget, sunday dose of Mahabharat, then ramayana, well, Street Hawk, then later came “Knight Rider”, Byomkesh Bakshi…i mean , i was a hard core 80’s guy…u will be happy to know, people here in fact listened to classic rock songs even in eighties like deep purple, led zep, etc etc….but by the time i grew interest in music (sorry, i hate post 90’s hindi songs, anyway all of them are copy of western songs) i was inclined to buying casettes of Bonjovi, U2, Erasure, Wilson Phillips, Def leppard, Dokken, Cinderella etc etc ( u will be surprised that these things which were available in the 80’s out here in India in HMV, BMG, CBS, Universal etc etc are not available these days even in CDs anywhere in India/// i was lucky enough to see a telephone (classic black) with a B&W (Bush) company TV from the day of my birth///But we didn’t own a VCP or VCR & never owed one (my dad is no movie or entertainment buff, his only true friend till today is “Vividh Bharti”) ….then came DD Metro….wow another extra antenna for that/////hahahaha/////continued till 1998 or 1999 …everything changed from the day — we watched “ZEE HORROR SHOW” , the first cable television serial ever in my life & life became mature with memories alone.