Backoffice in Fire

The Recent collapse of garment industry in Bangladesh has raised lot of questions on security of workers in the south Asian region.80% of the country’s production has gets exported to US and Europe.The studies say 60% manufacturing houses are vulnerable for collapse. The Cotton Heaven which is famous famous for the cheap labor has proven the fact, the life of human beings is too cheap in this region.

Almost all the major brands of Garment industry get the benefit of this Islamic country. Bangladesh is one of the major back offices for cotton or garment industry of the world. Americans pay for GAP is nothing but paying a product manufactured in this cotton and jute rich country for GAP under its logo for American consumption. But the major brands like GAP did not fund for the security of the workers of this country.

Walmart procures much amount of its garment from Bangladesh. H&M, JC Penny and Zara are few more in the list. The nation is famous for cheap labors. The economy of Bangladesh is fragile and weak. The Bangladeshis work for less wage in their country or in countries like Dubai. The Islamic connection to the countries like Dubai did not help Bangladesh economy to grow – Instead it helped the gulf countries to procure cheap labor or slaves for their country’s so called development.

The Recent incident occurred in the capital city of the country Dhaka.  But three floors were added later. It left over 1000 people lifeless in the dangerous collapse. Adding to it, the bodies were not able to taken out of the collapsed building. There are people seeking body for their last rites. The Rana Plaza which witnessed the collapse had eight floors out of which five were approved by government. The official who examined the building for approval – Mr Ansari says it was built and designed perfectly and was suitable for the approval.

The labor department or municipal corporations don’t have monitoring facilities. Even the big countries like India in this region lacks in these. Indian manufacturing industry is also working with less safety.
Foreign companies speak about improving the safety in work places of the country in Indian Sub-continent.But when they met last time, they refused to fund the safety improvements.

The Accidents like these are common to Bangladesh. The country is in heart of human rich region of the world. It is neighboring with worlds second largest human beings producer called India. It is very near to China – a country famous for manufacturing cheap products using its cheap labors.

The fact of the matter when we buy products in international brands we are buying from the countries which are not going enjoy your dollar or pound instead they risk their life for making a life saving jacket or any garment but may be for earning a dollar. Civilized societies across the globe has to pressure for safety of the working class.If a dollar more on every product can save the innocence – can we not pay more.