Begging : India’s Shame

Hello Readers. I was on my car yesterday in one of the heaviest traffic roads. Signal was in RED. There came a bunch of ladies with kids. ‘Oh not again’ I thought and as usual I gave 5 rupees after they pestered me a lot and I moved on.

Today again I was caught in the same signal but at a corner where I saw something shocking. A beggar women made her little one cry deliberately and walked into the road for begging. As well, they were accompanied by a 5 year old girl. The best part was the 5 year old girl clumsy her hair in one of the car mirrors and moves on to the next car and asks for money. I have heard about these and seen in movies but never saw this live until today.


India – land of snake charmers has become a land of beggars I think. But the irony is, begging has become a business for a cruel group and the real poor ones are the victims, Begging not only makes them lazy but also brings shame to the nation. Every city has got at least 50 busy signals and every signal has got a group like this.

How to eradicate this? Million dollar question but there are ways according to me. First step is to be done by the public i.e., never ever put even a penny to any beggar. At times it might be harsh and difficult but trust me this is needed. This will bring a loss to the ones who is doing this as business. If you really want to contribute, please donate money to genuine NGOs.

Secondly, the social activists must step in and make a change. They can condemn this act by conducting rallies or writing columns etc.This way, public will get more publicity and awareness about the real side of begging and they will start following the step 1.

Finally, the government must pitch in and stop this illegal act by enforcing authority. I am not very hopeful on this but still I keep my fingers crossed.

A friend of mine, a UK national, visited me couple of years ago. She visited Taj Mahal. I asked her, How was it? Her reply was “The Taj is a rich piece of marvel filled by poor people throughout its way”. It was a slap on my face. Taj is a symbol of India and is every foreigner’s envy. But my grievance is that, even the prettiest Taj was succumbed by the very act of begging.

This shame must be wiped off to bring back India’s fame. I have taken the first step and you?


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  • Begging rackets are a business for some…this is nothing but a form of slavery that has been existing in our country.