Being a Hoper- Some Side Effects

# Your confidence level shoots up and the tasks and responsibilities before you look smaller.

# You may start your works, be it any, at your convenience. Any time is a good time, you understand.

# Save a lot of money without squandering it to astrologists or numerologists.

# Your attitude peaks up to its best and never drowns from then on.

# Once your attitude changes your vision about life changes dramatically.

# You are now capacious of understanding others much better, as you remain calm inside, all the time.

# You stop judging people. There by you save a lot of time (‘Gosh ! Was I wasting this much time on this petty thing?’ you wonder).

# Your dreams get bigger. Since time is available aplenty (Oh! Dear, you’ve saved a lot already. Read the previous point again!) , you use it up optimally to chase your dreams.

# Face is the index of your mind. Naturally, your face lit up bright.

# Things that you once thought to be problems change forms, to your surprise, and stand before you as challenges. Hopers love challenges, for they are the best opportunities to prove themselves.

# You stop being afraid of facing challenges in your work, instead await eagerly for them. Work becomes fun.

# Since you work has turned fun, you feel less tired. Your complaints about not being able to relax, relaxes a bit.

# As you are out of tension your medical bills shrink. Your doctor is now just your friend, whom you might meet at your leisure.

# Your colleagues and nighbours would sure notice the difference in you, and who knows may seek your advice soon.

# If you’re good at it, and if you’re interested, you might also become a

# Above all, after reading all these points you wouldn’t mock at me and suspend them as a mere imagination.

You’ll feel youthful as if your clock alone froze while you turned 16, matching the number of points listed above.

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