Being ‘You’


Be Yourself


While enquired about the most difficult task in one’s life our answers might differ widely. But to me the most common difficulty, of our times, faced by almost everyone is being ourselves. Being you is much difficult than you imagine.

My TV viewing time is inversely proportional to my mental awareness. Of course it’s the same with everyone. A while ago I happened to view a commercial, while surfing through youtube videos aimlessly. It was an advertisement for a stationary product from a reputed company. The concept was fresh and motivating. The theme pivots around identifying and celebrating one’s talent rather than comparing the budding talents with the wizards of the field. The commercial, just over a minute shows in the beginning children with versatile talents. Though encouraged by the elders around, the budding talents don’t appreciate them being compared to the stalwarts of the respective field.




In the middle of the commercial we hear a tender voice in a pleading tone saying “Instead of being the next somebody can I please be the first me”. Following this we hear proud voices one after the other introducing them to this world with their uniqueness. Though we, in Creofire, never endorse any individual products or company, I was compelled to quote this commercial’s theme as it is more appropriate to be highlighted in this article and also deserves mentioning.

Often in our lives we come across the comments from our beloved ones identifying the resemblance of either our physical appearance or our traits and mannerisms with some well known personality, a film fraternity mostly. Hey you look like … Your smile resembles …. We often have come across such comments or complements. Mostly we receive it humbly with a benevolent smile, veiling our shyness. Psychologically every individual craves for recognition and popularity. When the chances are thin for one to become popular, perhaps after biting the reality that everyone can’t be a celebrity, one starts to soothe his/her ego by identifying with someone who is popular. This helps them to achieve a mental satisfaction, though it isn’t factual or real.


Dont die a Copy


Besides this pressure from within, the pressure from outside, from the family and peer circles to societal pressure to make an individual someone else, is overwhelming. From setting our goals to pursuing our dreams, there is always someone to pressurize us. We are often prompted to think as we’re puppets participating in a show directed by the puppeteer whom we may or may not know.


Being you is the ultimate persistent challenge you might face your entire life because the whole world is so keen and deliberate to make you someone else.



Every individual is unique and one of their kind. Respect you. Be you. Being ‘you’ is a privilege.



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  • Very true, I hate those who wear a mask to impress others, Yesterday only posted about it on my own blog too…