Belgian Demonstrations: An Indian view


The Belgian unions are not happy on new government lead by Charles Michael, a pro-business prime minister.

Belgium faced four months deadlock in forming the government resulted in Francophone politician forming a centre right government in Brussels.

The government is more of Flemish focused.

To everyone new to Belgium politics,Belgium faces political crisis every time after elections. Belgium has Brussels region, French speaking region and Flemish speaking region.

Burning car BrusselsBelgium governments had socialist for a century exempting the present new government.

Flanders parties want to go out of Belgium. Belgium opposed Scottish referendum worrying about the nation may get influenced on partition.

As socialists are out, the government can easily bring up the retirement age and stop wage hike. The new government is business friendly. The move to increase retirement age is not a good move.

The unions have called for anti-austerity demonstrations on 6th Nov. I presently live at Brussels has to do my job at 1000 Brussels.

I did not expect the march to end in violence. But it ended in violence. I have seen political strikes in south India turning out to be violence. When Amma (Ex-Chief minister of Tamil Nadu) was arrested Tamil nadu faced busses getting stone pelted and attacked.

I saw, Belgian version of Amma DMK strike. Police were attacked. Cars were set fire.  This was surprising and shocking for me.

This did not give good picture about Belgium to me. Per the unions, the new government is pro-business and trying to extract money from poor rather from rich.

Per the records of police department, 50 people were injured and 30 were detained. Unions call the government “they are looking for money where it is not”.

This is the biggest social disagreement in post war Belgium. Since, World War II end, the governments were able to make the poles meet. But this is the first government which is more right and center.

Everyone needs job.

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