A Better Birthday Gift

merry xmas



It’s festive season again. Jingle bells ring merrily. People sing hymns as lullabies to make the infants sleep. Cakes become a part of the dining menu. Gifts coupled with merry wishes fills up the ambiance. But out there, in the cold, shivers the ideologies and outlook of one of the truest rebels of all times.

The persona Jesus Christ claimed as the Son of God, indeed, obscures the true beauty and elegance of what the man actually was, I would say. To me while he is viewed through the spiritual eyes, one is only able to perceive a silhouette of his actual. Lot about him has slowly evaporated after him being spiritually personified by his followers. Scores of his multi-faceted ideologies have been eroded and lost in translation of him, from man to God. Only a handful of his thoughts painted heavily with spirituality is brought into the limelight and boosted.

Striped out of his spiritual milieu Jesus stands tall as a matchless teacher in the history of mankind. He exemplified, what he taught, by the life he lived. His lived a transient lifespan, yet turned out to be an immortal. In his petite life on this earth, he lived the life of a true revolutionary. He dared to question the unquestionable with brevity. He condemned the people in the power and criticized the religious heads openly. A couple of millennia ago in his sociopolitical milieu, speaking like, what he did was an invitation to death. The price for every word against the authorities was his life. Yet he spoke the truth, without fear, with clarity and stood lionhearted against all odds.

He dared to change the Jewish perspectives towards God and proclaimed that, ‘God is for everyone’. He stressed this idea over and over by a number of carefully and cautiously narrated parables, which attained immortality, suitable for all times. He took off the ‘Tit for Tat’ mentality of men and handed down the golden thought of “Loving Everyone”. Forgive, he said. Be humble, he pronounced. Love all, he declared.

The legacy of Jesus could be better proclaimed through the word of God, but best through a life endowed with his ideologies. At least trying for it would be a better start. As a matter of fact, it might be the best ever gift that we might offer him, on his birthday. (I always try to offer him the gift but I err every time and fall from the line. Yet I hope to give it one day. The best thing he planted on every heart is hope, after all! )

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