Bihar Polls: Litmus Test for Modi


Indian politics is not a simple straight forward game. The present prime minister is aware of this and took very seriously the elections of nation’s capital – but he has now failed miserably. One of India’s big states is going for polls. BJP is heading an alliance opposite to a grand alliance with chief minister candidate Nitish Kumar.

Bihar is famous for caste based politics. However, Nitish was the first to push development agenda. Modi was man of development in Gandhi Nagar, Nitish was so in Patna. But both don’t like each other. Both are rivals. Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Andhra with Telangana are considered to be key states determining Indian parliament as these states are considered to be sweep states to an extent.

This election is a Litmus test for BJP. After losing Delhi to AAP, BJP don’t want to loss Bihar. At this moment BJP alliance seems not having edge over grand alliance. But still there is time for BJP to improve. BJP is finding it difficult to make polls meet. Ram vilas Paswan and Manjhi are fighting for their image which is already a creating dent in alliance.

ABP News's Exit Poll Results BIhar Election 2015

At the moment, the seat sharing is settled in BJP alliance. BJP is having tough time in the state.The recent opinion poll by C-Voter projects Nitish to become CM. But the wave is not fully positive for nitish too. Still people feel, he should have delivered more.

Loss of Bihar polls will cost more for the BJP. The graph of BJP is mixed after Modi as installed as PM. But Bihar would really give the clear picture. On the other hand, BJP is trying to grow in states like TN, where it is looking for an alliance with AMMA.

For now, fingers are crossed. MODI seems no more to be a larger-than-life factor. But, still the confirmation has to come from Bihar.

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  • Arun Prasadh

    If the grand alliance of Nitish, fodder convict and Italian mafia Mama Mia wins this election then Bihari’s deserve to suffer 😉 .

    • Arun Prasadh

      Forgot to mention natunkiwal :))

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