The Bliss of Being an Angel – Part – II

The old man stood up by himself and dusted his cloths. He went near one of the bucket that had water and drank some water.

“ I’m Abbas Ali living nearby son”, he told.

Making sure this old man is harmless Patterson moved closer to him with his gun hanging over his shoulder.”Hey grandpa what the hell you were doing here. You know even a slightest wrong move of yours would’ve signaled me to shoot you”, said the soldier caringly.

Ali cleared his throat and started speaking in a weak voice.”I was planting saplings my son”. Saying this he pointed his hands backwards.

Only now Patterson noticed the grandpa had planted an array of saplings in a row with proper gaps between one another. “What’s the reason behind your act old man? What’s the use of these saplings you’ve planted in this desert”, he asked him smiling sarcastically. “It would’ve been at least helpful to your people if you had done the same in the city”, he added.

In no time the old man replied him,” it’s not for my people son”.

“Not for your people? Then for whom?” asked the surprised soldier. Without giving a thought Ali answered almost instantaneously. “It’s for sons like you my dear soldier. I’ve often seen young soldiers like you, carrying heavy loads, get boiled under the sun all day long. I just can’t bear it son. So I’m planting these saplings. I’ve chosen this variety in particular as these saplings grow very fast sustaining the drought. Wait for ten months or a year son. You boys will soon have shades to rest in between your tiring work”. The old man went on talking with a friendly smile on his lips.

The Bliss of being an Angel-II

Patterson didn’t utter a word. Just tears were rolling down his cheeks. Seeing this, the old man whipped the tears and asked him, “Are you tired son? Would you like to have something? I’m sorry. I’ve nothing to offer you right now, except my love”.

Unable to control his emotions, Patterson hugged Ali and whispered in his ears, You are an angel”. Ali said in a soft voice, “It’s a bliss being an angel my son. You are an angel too. Take care of yourself and go ahead with your work”. Patterson was sure that he’ll feel the warmth of love of that old man for the rest of his life.

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