The Bliss of Being an Angel – Part – I

It was a remote deserted road in the outskirts of war torn Baghdad. Jones Patterson, a 23 year old US soldier was in charge of patrol that day. Not being a war veteran, a man with young blood, Jones was busy patrolling the deserted streets. Not a sign of human traffic was there. He thought it’s gonna be a no-problem-day today. The young soldier was walking all alone with the burning sun above his head.

All his pals being posted at different check points, for now Patterson was a lonely bird. With loads on his back and his AK 47, fully loaded he was walking in the dusty road leading to the city. Everything went well till he noticed that. At about 50 yards he saw a man, showing his back, was digging the ground. Patterson’s whole body came to high alert at once. He couldn’t make out what that man was doing as a big bucket was hiding the scene.

The Bliss of Being an angel-I

What if he was planting mines? If so what is the use of planting it in a deserted location like this? Lot other questions began to engulf Petterson’s thought. Having decided to face it alone, he moved slowly towards the target with his gun in position. The man who was digging was busy in his work, still. It seemed he didn’t smell the other man’s presence. Just a couple of yards were between them. Patterson acted swiftly and pushed him on the ground with his face down. He then moved a step backward, pointing his gun towards his head, with his fingers on the trigger ready to pull, if anything went wrong.

“Who are you? Identify yourself. What have you been burying? To which group you belong to?” Patterson went on shooting questions. The man on the ground was gasping for his breath heavily. He didn’t speak a word. Only now the soldier gave the man on the ground a closer look. He was an old man probably in his late 60’s. He then peeped into the basket near him, with his gun still pointing the man. There was not one but two buckets. One had water in it and the other had few saplings. He shifted his eyes with confusion in his face, to the man on his ground.

By now the old man’s breath became normal and he opened his mouth and said in a husky voice, “I’m a harmless old man son. Please help me to get up”. Saying this he started to rise up. Alarmed Patterson took a few more steps back, still holding his gun firm.

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