Breaking the Image of Secular Nehru


Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of India, carried an image of secularism with him. The Nehruvian policies were more soft and polite than the pro-industrial policies of the first governor general of India, Sir C Rajagopalachari.

‘Jinnah can’t be blamed for partition of India, only Nehru and Sardar Patel,’ said the interesting research of Jaswant Singh. I think the blame can be put on everyone. M A Azad was the only man in the congress at that point of time, who had clear cut view on partition.

Nehru has to bow down for demands of Father of the nation, M K Gandhi. Gandhi was clear and dictator in his thoughts. Gandhi mobilized the crowd and had capability to disturb the machinery of Indian Government. Nehru had to deal with these. Sardar too didn’t remain affectionate to Gandhi in post- Independence India.

Nehru failed in Kashmir issue. Nehruvian foreign affairs policy failed with China due to the border drawn by the Indian survey department under Nerhu’s government. The Border drawn was not in accordance with the British India. There was haste and hurry in the way borders were drawn.

Nehru wanted to project him as world wise Statesman – which lead to Indo-China war and brutally impacted Kashmir. Nehru’s Kashmir ideology was strongly condemned by everyone. Nehru started taking India pro-west way.

Kashmir issue or China issue was a great blunder. But there was only very few to have the torch of secularism after MK Gandhi, the list topped Nehru.

It was Nehru’s secular image which rendered secular image to the present day INC. INC was not secular like Nehru even at his time. Sardar Patel advocated RSS not to be banned while there was a great suspect of killing the nation on Hindu Maha Sabha. BR Ambedkar, then minister did not go with the ban or to arrest Vir Savarkar. Nehru has to be more democratic and to live with his secular image and western ideologies in the tougher time.

Nehru might have failed everywhere, but he did not fail in secularism. He was convinced by his colleagues to adapt Center-right. But he tried his level best to keep the Center-left policy for the nation.

Finding fault on Nehru’s personal life is not going to help anything. Nehru had very little support inside congress for all his policy moves. His personal life cannot dictate India then. If Gandhi’s super support for Nehru was a great advantage – it literally put fault on leaders including Sardar, Rajaji, Azad and Ambedkar for fully obeying Gandhi and allowing him to go on his way. But Gandhi was encountered by all with questions.

Finding fault on Nehru is finding fault on all the leaders exist at that point of time. Lack of History knowledge keeps thinking that India failed due to its first prime minister of the nation. Moreover, India is not a failed nation.

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