Britain – Does she need EU?

David Cameron of UK is fighting a losing battle. David Cameron’s Idea of getting UK into EU seems to be an idea not favoured by most of the British people. Cameron says UK need EU for the goodness of UK. His idea can easily back fire him. Measures taken by Cameron’s regime to save the economy of once sun never setting empire was a perfectionist idea. It did not pay too much as expected. But government thinks it saved the face of union lack.
David Cameron made speeches over the need of EU. EU can save UK; UK needs EU – these ideas of Cameron did not get the popularity , as expected. Tory attacks the PM. The PM calls them  pessimists. When Euro zone crisis started, some of the UK citizens expressed displeasure on Cameron’s idea. They believe it is wise to stay away from messed up EU.
But Cameron puts his tone high for Britain to join EU . This would help labor party in the elections to come. Ed Milibind, who can emerge as a next prime minister of UK can get mileage for the speeches being made by the exchequer and the prime minister of the union jack nation. Cameron’s heavy measure to bring the economy back to stability is not an easy task. The last Olympics might have saved UK’s economy to an extent.

When the EU boat is already sinking, no one is ready to hear Cameron. Cameron is trying to make special relation with US in action to improve economic ties.

eu_logoHis US trip delivered the same message. They did try their level best to impress United States. Cameron’s inner heart may say UK is also walking into the trap and loosing the ground. That may be the fact. Yet the medicine for the disease is not to join European Union.  Cameron feels union is strength. In the world gripped by globalization, even the Labor Party is not ready to believe union is strength. Union looks weakened not only for Cameron’s United Kingdom but also to Morkel’s Germany. It is wise for Germany to shed the package of EU.
The fatherland might have already started realizing the extra luggage called European Union. Shedding EU can save Germany. It may be god for UK not to join EU. But a plan to improve EU is need of the hour. Italy, Greece and all the kids of EU are pleading package. PM promises for referendum after 2015, which was already criticized by French president.

God save EU.

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