The Buddhist Murugan

The Hindu Murugan at Batu Caves Malaysia

The Hindu Murugan at Batu Caves Malaysia

When Buddha decided to have a meditation in a dangerous jungle, Animals erupted; Reptiles moved; Trees waved. But the cool Gautama Buddha closed his eyes. He went into meditation. After some time, there was no noise. The place was silent.

Wei Tuo – Chinese Buddhist Murugan

Gautama, the enlightened opened his eyes. It was a sweet surprise for him to see the peace that prevailed. He saw a warrior natured hunter standing near to him.

The stranger came to Buddha and self nominated him as Gautama’s defender. This is a story I read some time back. The mythical evidence states that this story might have been take place in Jungle of Sri Lanka, which is called now in the island by the name ‘Koyil Vanam (Jungle of Temple)’ and it is proximity to ‘Kathirgamam’. The Defender is Murugan or Kathirgama Deyo.

The Skanda Murugan is captain of holy forces per myths of both Hinduism and Buddhism. Murugan is prime god for Tamils, while Kannadigas, malayalees , oriya people and Telugus too worship him with different names. The Name subramanya which comes from the name of snake is famous in Karnataka, While Kumaraswamy is a famous name in Andhra Pradesh. Malayalees call Murugan with all names Tamils call.

The Chinese believe Murugan as prime defender of Buddha. Per them, Buddhist Monasteries are defended by Murugan. Murugan or Skanda is called as Wei Tuo in China. The Word Wei Tuo means Protector of Dharma (Religion / living pattern)

The Buddhist Murugan of Sri Lanka is very much similar to the one of Tamil Hindus while the Hindus of Orissa has a different way of depicting him. The Marati people call him as warrior saint.

The Buddhist Murugan of China is very much different than one of Sri Lanka. He looks more like a Chinese. Per the Buddhist belief, Buddhism is alive in the world because Skanda is protecting it per the order of Sakiya Muni Gautama Buddha.

It is Skanda or Murugan’s duty is to save people from worldly desires. The Tamil Murugan in the site of Palani in Tamil Nadu is very much same, he comes out of his family and defends a society with simple living.

God of Katirgama at Sri Lanka

Simple and healthy living is reflected in the statue of Palani Murugan.

Buddhist murugan is Vajrapani or Deity with Vajra ayutham. The Hindu murugan is with Vel Ayutham. The Buddhist Murugan is called defender of holy spirit. The Hindu murugan too. The word Kartikeya given to God at ‘Thiru-Thani’ – literally means ‘pacification of holy forces’ after the war with evils.

Whatever the name you call him – Per all the belief which speak about him, he is to protect you.

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