BUDWA – Buddhist version of FATWA


Crying Buddha

I think  I am probably the first one to use this word – BUDWA. I think, there is a good amount of intolerance and insecurity is being raised in the minds of Buddhists in this decade. BUDWA can be the Buddhist version of FATWA.

Buddha born in the sub-continent questioned the morale of Hinduism. Buddha believed in equality. Buddha was entirely against the hierarchically caste system of Hinduism. Buddha might probably the first to wage war against the fundamentals of Hindu culture. Buddha never recommended god. But the irony is he himself is a god to millions now.

Buddha one of the great masters which human race ever produced might never thought people may kill each other based on an ism formed after his great principles.

Buddhism is rightly traveling in Path of Wrongfulness. Burma or Myanmar is seeing Buddhist clergy standing against the right of minorities.

A Buddhist Monastery was attacked by few in Bodh Gaya of India, for the wrongfulness of Buddha’s men in Myanmar. Buddha, an eternal figure has met with an accident of becoming a god of people who advocate raise of authoritarian Chauvinism.

I am an admirer of Buddha. I still believe – he is the only solution of ample amount of problems in the world. His middle path is the correct path, though we accept or not. I admire his practical ideology of not putting god first instead putting people first. His questions against caste system and the war for equality are still required. He is the first rebel against the hierarchical system.  He was the great man who wrote a grammar for good life.

Whenever I think of Buddha, I think of his peaceful face; his great yogic principles; his lotus posture; his smiling lips, his no mark forehead; An Indian rishi with no beard. But I am seeing red blood before my eyes now days.

Crying BuddhaBuddha, a right man – who built a right movement to make the world right, might not be happy now. The Buddhist monks are preaching intolerance and the need to demolish innocents of other faith. Their war is against Muslims in Mayanmar, Thailand and Sri Lanka. An irony is that the Buddhist monk general who is leading this is enjoying the title Buddhist Bin laden.

Buddhist Thailand – former part of Muslim Malaysia is now making the army to teach defense to Monks.

Sri Lanka famous for its rouge state against Hindu Tamils – love to get its arms with blood of Muslims of the island too. The history is evident in stating the Hinduism wiped out Buddhism on its innings number 2.


Buddhist TerrorBuddha is in danger now. There is no one to save Buddha in Buddhism. The dambulla mosque in Sri Lanka was attacked by men of Buddha which Buddha will never recommend.

The Buddhist FATWA or BUDWA – want the people from other faiths to keep the mouth mum, live if possible if Buddhists permit. Buddhists have  issued an informal and unofficial FATWA against others.

God Save Buddha – If god exists.


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