BYOD – Your outsourcing partners are thinking.

I have been to Silicon Valley of California,USA. I have met consultants using laptops and devices that support mobility. I have even met consultants bringing there own devices in USA and UK.

Whenever I meet employees of Indian IT companies, they used to say ‘Need to be in office until I complete my work’. Indian junior developer slog and even work on weekends coming to office to complete work when things are not going good.

India is the back office for most of the IT tasks; be it the World bank or Bank of America in the western world. India provides spectrum support in IT world.India’s IT boom started after the world is opened via Globalization.

Indian employees are of very young age. Most Indian IT companies has average age of 30. Indian young minds can work even after midnight and even on Diwali.

Indian managers started using laptops very recently. But still, developers has to slog. Indian companies are speaking about data security. The Indian IT giant WIPRO has electric fencing around few of its offices to safeguard data and asserts.

Indian IT Industry

But Indian companies have started to think about allowing employees to bring their own device under the program BYOD – Bring your own device. But the worries of data security is still in the minds of the Indian IT companies. The Tata Consultancy Services, the largest company in the country has pitched for BYOD – but it promises for data security. Any data security issue can bring down BYOD.But BYOD is still in progress even in Tata Consultancy Services. Cognizant which is also ready to join the BYOD band wagon and almost all IT companies have the same idea. They think, this can cut down the administration expenditure. They can even encourage work from home.

At this point companies like Yahoo in International arena wants employees to come to office. The management believe productivity is less while work from home happens.

There are always Pros and Cons for any issue. Work from home is no exemption.

BYOD can save admin expenditure. But Work from home will allow Indian junior devlopers to stay with their family. Most Indian IT companies are not nearer to residences of employees. The offices are located out of the city – which would literally take more than an hour to reach office.

Indian sincerity should not be taken for granted. Indians are doing good job until now. Indian influence can be found in any IT product of the world. We need to understand the pain of Indian junior developers. First time they are tasting money in abundance, so they are ready to walk extra mile. But it is not good to take them as Cyber slaves.

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