Caste System: Seems Never Ending! :(



India is the largest democracy of the globe because of the electoral politics it run for its parliament at national level and legislative assembly at state levels. Panchayati raj, which was foreseen as devolution of power by the former prime minister of the nation Rajiv has not reached the stage he dreamed. Local bodies are yet struggling for their budget.

Concept of India is a great example for inclusivism. But the deep rooted Caste system in the grand old civilized nation is major hurdle to achieve a full-fledged democracy at all levels. Caste system has resulted in the events witnessing unhuman treatments. Deaths occurred in huge list of events.


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Caste System is danger to the society. A democratic society cannot uphold a caste system. Caste system is not correct for the human world. Discrimination based on any parameter is to be analyzed and to be removed.

The recent death of a Dalit student in Hyderabad and recent aftermath events over death of two senior citizens in Tamil Nadu raise questions about equality and the nature of the democracy we are practicing at different levels. The SC/ST commission has enquired both the events. The Commission has rendered genuine concerns.

It is high time to remove discrimination and different treatment in the name of caste or gender or even of ideology. Let’s try to understand everyone. We have to punish people who are trying to divide people based on any parameter. This is not good for a county which is calling it as world’s largest democracy.

Democracy should be a frame work to achieve equality and to provide space for everyone’s thoughts in civilized manner. Violent or passive discrimination which hurt anyone is not an attribute of democracy.

Discrimination is Danger! And Should not be used for Power hunger!


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