Central Station (1998) – In Pursuit of Reunion

 Central Station, World Cinema

Dora has no soft corner for the kid, nor is she interested in accompanying him. Her join with the boy was not more than an act of escapism from the immediate danger. The duo is paired to travel by fate and not by love. Their journey is merely circumstantial. She decides to leave the boy on his own parting from him on the way, making arrangements with a driver of the bus, while the boy is deep in doze.

A relieved Dora watches the bus leaving from a motel. But the relief is short lived when she finds Josué sitting few desks from her. While she learns the boy had left his bag, along with her money she retires in despair. Fortunately, a kind hearted truck driver, an evangelist, lends them a helping hand letting them hitchhike. The graffiti at the back of his truck reads, “Strength is in everything, but only God is power” and it reflects his personality perfectly. During the journey, the still-a-spinster Dora is moved by his care and falls for him. But his rejection and departure wraps her in somber.

They get to the address after much effort. Before going to meet his father Josué turns excited and makes him up presentable to his dad. The boy waits with brimming anticipation to see his father for the first time in his life. They find the house at last only to learn that his real father has changed his house. The boy’s hope shatters and he leaves in dejection. However the new resident gives the address of Jesus’ new settlements which helps the fading light of hope undying.

Central Station, World Cinema

Left penniless in an unknown pilgrimage town, Dora and Josué, and deeply struck with their own agony and helplessness. Dora curses herself and accuses the boy for their jeopardy. It is at this moment of numbness Josué insists Dora to scribe letters for the pilgrims flooding the town all day. It works magic and they get enough money to move on. They realize the bond between them thickening and take a photograph in memory of their relationship.

Soon they reach the new address that they have but find that his father had disappeared months ago. Dora meets Isaías and Moisés and learns that they are Josué’s half-brothers. Their father had married Ana after his first wife died. Before Josué is born Ana leaves her drunken husband and moves to Rio. Dora reads a letter written by Jesus to the brothers. In his letter he talks about the reunion of the family. Dora reads as though he had mentioned about Josué, just to please the kid.

Central Station, World Cinema

Later she decides to leave the boy with his brothers, and decides to take the bus to Rio next dawn. In the morning she keeps the unmailed letter scribed by her for Ana to let the brothers know that she too wished for their reunion.

Before the boy wakes up to stop her departure she moves on, with each having the photographs they had taken together as their memoir.

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