A Chain Reaction – Part – II

She was surprised. Whipping her tears she walked towards the car. A man neatly dressed, perhaps in his late 30s got down from the car. ‘May I help you my lady?’ he asked politely. Mrs. Parker couldn’t believe herself. Controlling her excitement she said in a soft voice, “Yes sir, I am desperately looking for some help for the past 2 hours”.

“Don’t call me sir. I feel uncomfortable my lady. I’m David. My Mom is probably of your age. She never calls me sir. Then why should you?” he giggled. She joined with him and shared a relaxed smile. David continued, “Well what’s the problem with your baby? Did you spot some?” he asked patting the car. She nodded her head right and left. “I didn’t Mr. David. But I have got a tool kid. If you can…” Even before she finished David stared, “That’s ok. Take it fast. Let’s check your baby”.

It took David just 10 minute to spot the mistake and rectify it. “Ah! That’s fine. She’s ready now”, he told her whipping his hands in a waste cloth. ‘Oh! Mr. David your expertise in handling tools keep me wondering’, she said. “Mm…Perhaps”, David offered a broad smile winking his eyes.

Salesman Handing Over Keys

Ms. Parker was very happy and she told him, “Mr. David, I’ve no words to thank you”. David by now had packed all the tools back in the tool box. He told, “Who asked you thanks? I didn’t expect it from you. Save your thanks for yours future my lady? David’s sparkling face revealed the beauty of his soul.

She gave him her husband’s visiting card and invited him to her house. David said “Sure if I happen to come there I’ll meet… Mr. Parker” he told looking at the card and saved it in his wallet. “Take my love to your hubby and all your family members. Take the love and share it with someone, as I shared it with you now, if you can. Take care”. By the next minute he ignited his car, bid her bye and drove his way. She stood there motionless for a minute or so. To her he seemed like a wingless angel.

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