A Chain Reaction – Part – III

She got into the car and ignited it. The watch showed 8.00 pm. Her heart was filled with the fragrance of unconditional love like ever before. She stopped at a motel on her way. It looked decent. The entrance had a Neon glow board welcoming the customers.

A waiterA man in early 30’s, neatly dressed, came to her, to pick-up the orders. She could read his gloomy face even at the first glance. She ordered Vegetable Noodles, her favorite. The food was very good and she loved it. Near the rest room while she was inside to refresh herself, she heard a voice from the other side of the wall, probably the rest room for gents. One of the voice sounded familiar and in no time she recognized it as the voice of the waiter.

He was talking in a dull voice with his pal. The friend asked him, “Hey Wong, how is your wife now? She learnt the name of the waiter, is Wong . Now Wong replied, “I’ve done my best to arrange for money. I’m in need of 300 dollars in extra to pay the hospital fee. She has given birth to a girl child. I can’t even enjoy the happiness of having a child now! He broke down into tears. “Control yourself Wong. You might ask our boss. He’s a good man. He’ll help you for sure”.

“No way Xang! He has already given me more than I deserve. I owe him a lot”, told Wong in a broken voice.

Mrs. Parker came out of the rest room and waited in her seat for the bill. Wong came back with the bill with a smile in his face veiling all his sadness. She kept some dollar bills and walked out. Before she left she told him, ‘Good night and take care’.

While she was nearing her car Wong came running towards her. He stood near her car and gasped for a moment. Then he started in broken English with Chinese accent, “Madam, you have kept more money, perhaps by mistake. Here’s your money”. She gave him a friendly look and said, ‘Mr. Wong it’s my gift for your girl child and so the money is yours and not mine now. “But….” Started the waiter and was unable to continue. Biting his trembling lips he said “Thank you Madam”.

She told him back, “Who asked thanks! I didn’t expect it from you. Take care of your wife and kid . Happy days ahead “. Before she left she told him, “Mr. Wong if you can, show someone the love that I have shared with you”, and winked her eyes.

A Chain Reaction- 3-2

Xang came in search of Wong. Wong looked at his pal and said, ‘Xang have this 50 dollars and pay your debt to your house owner’. Xang was surprised. My pal you’re badly in need of money now. Have it with you. Let’s look into my needs later. “No, I got enough for myself” told Wong showing him the money. ‘But… But who gave you money!?’ asked Xang with full of surprise. In no time Wong replied, “An angel”, and went back to his work.

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