A Chain Reaction – Part – I

Ms. Pamela Parker, 57, was on her way home after meeting her childhood friend. The weather was pleasant. She tuned-in to the radio station in which her favorite talk show was being aired. The traffic was thin; indeed the highway was almost deserted. As she was enjoying the weather and listening to her favorite show, the car jerked and suddenly stopped. Oops! She exclaimed. Her eyes immediately went to the fuel indicator and found it was half full. She felt relaxed, a bit. She got down and checked the four wheels. They were perfect too.

A Chain reaction- 1-1

Only now she gave a look around. It was a remote place in the highway. There were woods on either side of the road. There was no sign of anyone passing by. Hence Ms. Parker realized that it’s not possible to call for some help. The dead silence of the place, except the gentle breeze, and her loneliness made her nervous. She became a bit worried and was anxious by now. Minutes were slipping but not a sign of vehicle could be witnessed. She turned gloomy as it was getting dark.

Few more minutes passed by. Then she heard a feeble sound of a horn. Studying the sound of the horn, she guessed it ought to be a truck. It was an oil tanker when it came to sight. It was slothfully moving towards her, with a huge tank which seemed to be fully loaded. She waved her hands for help. The driver wasn’t aware of her and drove on. She stamped her foot and sighed heavily. About six or seven vehicles- big and small- passed by. None of them stopped for her call. Ms. Parker looked at her watch. It showed 7.10 pm. She kept on trying her husband’s number but she was unfortunately out of the tower range.A Chain Reaction - 1-2

Around 7.30 a car was on its way. She had decided to give a lat try. She came almost to the middle of the road and waved her hands and shouted for help with all her hope and strength. The car passed her without stopping. She felt dejected and tears started rolling down her cheeks. She was just starring at the car moving away from her. Suddenly the car slowed down and at about 15 yards it stopped. The car took a U-turn and was nearing her.


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