Chanakya – A Tamil from Southern Tip?



It was a surprise, when I came to know the debate around the life of Chanakya. There were some works stating that a person named ‘Chanakya’ never existed. But most of us Indians don’t subscribe to this school of thought. It was always south which gets into the story when it comes to Arthasastra. Few westerners called the work of Chanakya as a southern forgery in very few accounts. Arthasastra was not written by the native of the land ruled by Chandragupta Maurya or not by his prime minister or chief minister per those. But this was ridiculed by Indian authors at the most.

The references to Kumara worship in Arthasastra increments the doubt about the influence of South India in the book.

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Present day Kanyakumari

Chanakya was a Brahmin – the only fact most authors accept. What was the origin and end of Chanakya is still being debated. Chanakya was called as kudi-ilan (No Family person). Kudi in Tamil means Family or permanent settler. Ilan means with no. A man with no family is called Kudi-ilan. This word seem to be a curse word. Let you be with no family.

Few researchers like A S P Aiyyar believe – Chanakya was a Tamil Brahmin lived in Kanyakumari. There are confusions and glaring thoughts about this. Most of the final thoughts are out of derivations in this research. There are other research books in the language of Tamil throw very little light about this research.

Tamil of the past

The involvement of koshas … Later called as Ghosas … or Clan of Ghosh considered to be warrior class from Tamil mainland who acted as private army and server merchants and kings. The Private army concept was quoted in tamil history with different references. The Private army existed in Tamil land. For Chanakya being called as Tamil – Few cites the evidences stating Chanakya was noted by the word “Dramila” – which seem to be culmination of two words Dravida and Tamila for me.

Arthasastra speaks how to destruct the enemy – which mostly coincides with the belief of present day Kerala and then Tamilakam. Malayalam was not in existence at the point of history. If it would have existed – Chanakya would have spoken Malayalam. Chanakya was called to be learned and pre few accounts he had lost an intellectual debate to a Tamil girl.

Chanakya was a Tamil or not? – is question to be debated like his death and birth.

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